5 Elements Healing Touch

Created by Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist, Carol Parker Stein, 5 Elements Healing Touch began in 1991. Carol's interest in helping others to heal from life's trauma led to her study and training in many modalities in order to be able to support those in need of reclaiming the peace and health of their bodies, minds and spirits. 5 Elements Healing Touch offers a variety of massage therapy and healing services personalized to meet your specific needs.
With over 20 years of massage experience and training in a wide variety of techniques, Carol Parker Stein has a broad spectrum of tools at her disposal to create a massage experience to meet your needs.
The combination of crystals and bodywork have the ability to make the greatest impact. Twenty to thirty minutes of bodywork on the key stress areas of the body encourages relaxation that prepares you for the crystal healing part of your session. Crystals play a key role in helping you to balance your chakras and clear your energy field of any negative blockages.
This service is a great tool to clear and bless your home, old or new, by providing a change in the energy of the place you are living. Whether you are experiencing a small change in your life, are starting a new chapter, beginning a new journey or you are experiencing a big life change, a Home Blessing and Spiritual Cleansing can help you.

"I have been seeing Carol for many years and every time I see her I am grateful for having been referred to her. She is caring, attentive, compassionate and generous. She is very skilled and has multiple modalities to bring physical and emotional relief."

Pam C.

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